Hanah Insurance

Principal: Sang Wook Chu

AR No. 471297CAR No. 472196
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Hanah Insurance is located at Strathfield NSW in the heart of the Korean community. We not only service our clients, but care for them like they are our family. No matter what financial issue you might have, we are willing to help you by listening and referring you to the appropriate specialist.

When I decided to become an insurance broker, I approached a few different AR Networks but Westcourt General was the only one who tried to understand me & my business. Most other companies just told me what they offer. But Westcourt General opened their mind to what I wanted to acheive. I am very proud of my decision to join Westcourg General because I can see their passion to help me grow my business.

I had previously been through a very tough financial period where I realised that I didn't have the appropriate protection. Determined not to make the same mistake again, I undertook further studies to protect myself and realised a lot of people around me have had a similar experience. I love being an insurance broker as it allows me use my qualifications and personal experience to help people to protect their assets. This is just the beginning for Hanah Insurance Broking Services, and I look forward to what I can acheive in the future. 

I enjoy playing all kind of sports & you could consider me a "sports maniac" - enjoying anything from billiards to soccer. 


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