Managed Insurance Solutions

Principal: Simon Sickerdick

AR No. 243723CAR No. 255666
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Myself & my wife Lyn entered the Industry in 2001 purchasing John Fundak Insurance Agencies Berri SA. This proved to be great timing as the FSRA was introduced in 2003 which assisted us to learn the new way to operate. Over the past 12 years we have purchased 4 extra portfolios, this also provided us with the opportunity to gain knowledge & experience from 3 gentlemen who have worked within our Industry for over 35 years each.


Our Business name Managed Insurance Solutions was introduced in 2006. We now employ 14 Staff over 4 Office Locations sharing a large mix of regional & metro business. There has always been the requirement for a wider access to Insurers, and after reviewing several options with 3 years of planning, we decided Westcourt General Insurance Brokers have the best fit for our Business.


“MIS – Westcourt” will continue our Business promise “Working with You”. We are a team who respect our industry and treat each client as though your Business is our own. Our staff continue a high standard of training, which ensures we maintain & continue to grow our industry knowledge. We are proud of where we are today & excited to be working with Westcourt General Insurance Brokers.


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