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Principal: Danny Dworjanyn

AR No. 001233134CAR No. 001233132
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With a decade of industry experience and local market knowledge working in North Queensland, I saw an opportunity to establish a business focusing on good advice rather than sales.

I hold an Advanced Diploma of Financial Service (General Insurance) from Deakin University and maintain a Fellowship Status with the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance.

In a market the size of Townsville it is difficult to specialise in a particular field of insurance. Generally, decision makers are looking for someone who can provide general insurance advice on their whole business. Our business model is based around solid advice and remuneration by fee based on the actual service provided.

Coming from a corporate environment with resources and support channels to operate efficiently, I was looking for an AR partner who could replicate the same support services while allowing autonomy to grow and drive the business in the right direction.  I believe Westcourt provide right combination of resources, support and autonomy.

My favorite clients are the complex ones. I enjoy taking something complex and convoluted, breaking it down and making sense of it.  

Some of my best past times are recalled from taking the kids camping to a beach or dam to hit up some skiing, canoeing or fishing. 


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