Nsure General Insurance Advisors

Principal: Rami Fahmy

AR No. 315232CAR No. 329019
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Nsure are devoted to serving the best interest of our clients through offering professional insurance services.

We do this by closely understanding your concerns and business objectives and offering comprehensive cost-effective insurance solutions.

Why should you choose NSURE?:

  • Over 20 years in Broking experience – professional and qualified advice
  • Size and Strength – offering you competitive premiums and good negotiating ability with reputable insurers
  • Fast Turnaround – Our advanced industry-specific technology means we can turn things around for you. FAST!!
  • Risk Management – We have specialised risk management services for major infrastructure risks whether it be in Manufacturing, Airports or Large Accommodation risks.
  • We are part of the largest cluster group of Brokers offering you specialised policy coverage and benefits that you can count on in times of need.

Don’t hesitate, call today and book an appointment with your NSURE broker. 1 3000 NSURE (1300 067 873)


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